A Weekend in SaigonSan, a Nice Dining Experience with Vietnamese Dishes

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – For those who would love to take their spouse during this weekend, SaigonSan has an interesting offer of dining experience at their restaurant. They have “A Weekend in SaigonSan.

This restaurant located in the city center of Malang, exactly at Jalan Kauman. With this fancy dining SaigonSan tries to give you an unforgettable dining experience with all Vietnamese dishes served on your table.

For this ultimate dining, SaigonSan Restaurant brings you several Vietnamese dishes such as Goi Cuon (fresh springrolls), Pad Thai, and Thai Iced Tea. You could also have Phothe authentic noodle of Vietnam at this restaurant.

They have a magnificent Royal Angkor Room which was inspired by the Angkor Wat Temple of Vietnam for the dining area.

“We have SaigonSan Rooftop Terrace with Indochinese style for the alternative, ” Sales & Marketing Manager Hotel Tugu Udi Sarasvati said on Wednesday (28/10/2020).

SaigonSan Restaurant which granted as ‘Best Restaurant Guide 2020’ by Tatler Indonesia and become the most favorite restaurant choice in TripAdvisor will serve this Vietnamese Dishes on October 28 to November 1everyday at 12. 00 – 21. 00 local western times.

The restaurant has been arranged in particular way to sehat the new situation and has been equipped with the newest safety standard. For more information you could check SaigonSan official Instagram account @saigon_san. (*)