A Transparent Mask for the Deaf and Mute

TIMESINDONESIA, KEDIRI – Coronavirus makes every people in the world has to wear a mask whenever they are, including the deaf or mute. This makes a local community of Kediri trying to create a solution for them by making a transparent mask.

Yuyun, a mute girl of Kediri having penyerapan issue to communicate with another especially those who can’t do a sign language. It makes her has to read the lips of the partner she spoke to.

For this reason, she creates a transparent mask that allows her to read the lips of her partner when they spoke. The mask made of fabric and clear plastic like the one people usually used to bind their journal or thesis.

The idea came when she tried to find the best design to make her and her friend could read one another lips, yet with a breathable access. “I’m so surprised that there will be lots of people interested to the mask I created, ” Yuyun said.

For each of the transparent mask for the deaf and mute she made, Yuyun of Kediri only charge for IDr 7. 5 K to IDR 15 K. For now, she has made around 1700 pieces of transparent mask that has been distributed to the local community. (*)