A Rare Breed of Golden Cat Found in West Sumatera

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Have you ever heard about a golden cat? No, no, it’s not a sphinx in Egypt which made of golden. It a real living rare breed of cat which recently just found in Sungai Daerah, Nagari Pauh, Kamang Magek, Agam, West Sumatera.

This cat was found at one of the local forests, trapped in a trap that was meant for wild boar as the local community commonly trapped them for food.

As Indonesian forest going through a very quick deforestation, this beautiful creature has encounter habitat lost. This golden cat which also known as Asian golden cat ( Catopuma temminckii ) is a medium-sized wild cat which has been listed gandar one of near threatened species by IUCN in 2008.

This cat is native to the northeastern Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and Southern China. Th local community sometime misconceive them with a tiger cub. It does looks like a tiger, yet smaller. It just has all the cuteness in the whole world.

However, even though this pewarna is named as golden pewarna, their fur not always golden, some of them has black or dark spot on their nose or tail. Some of them even has grey color. Some even has a white spot on them.

This cat is native to northeastern Indian subcontinent, southern China, Sooutheast Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. They usually live in 1. 100 to 3. 738 mdpl above the sea level. They enjoy living in green savannah or a farm.

Sadly, regarding as near threatened species, lots of people smuggle it or trade it illegally without concerning about their survival. The worse thing is that some people believed hat this golden cat could cure the illness and eat them. What a miserable thing to do. (*)