A Proper Way to Thaw Your Meat

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – To save more time, people tend to choose to have a bigger grocery shopping to prevent them from going and forth to the grocery store. They will keep some of the items including meat like beef, bacon and more in their freezer. Yet, there is a proper way to thaw them.

Thawing the all those meats properly from the freezer will help to maintain the flavour and texture of the meat. Wanna know how? Here are some tips for you.

satu. Refrigerator thawing

This is the best way to thaw your meat. Put it in a clean box and put it in your freezer overnight. The constant temperature allows the meat to defrost slowly and evenly, producing a better texture and taste when cooked. Make sure you put it away from another food so it won’t be contaminated.

2. Place the meat in a pot of cold water

You could get a faster result if you used this method. First, you need to wrap the meat in the plastic bag. Make sure the water won’t leak in to the bag. Change the water every 30 minutes to maintain the water temperature.

3. Defrost it using microwave

To do this you will need a microwave save container or bowl. Never ever use styrofoam, paper box or any plastic container for this method. And the most important thing is do this method only if you plan to cook the meat immediately.

The thawed meat should be cook immediately after you thaw it and don’t put it back to the freezer because it will contaminate another food and increase the risk of being poisoned by the food. (*)